Knock Knock…

I’m not dead yet.. “I get knocked down.. but I get up again.. yaint ever gonna keep me down!  ” Sing it!! ❤ I’m still here everyone, working on a SNES Tracker. My desire to complete this effort dates back to ~ 1 year ago somewhere on NesDev forums. I tried to build the freaking thing last year, and failed :[ but I’m back on it!! With the advent of SnesGSS, I became more determined to build my own aspiration of SNES Tracker!! Namely, I want my tracker to be platform-independent! I have also found a best friend, “Hypnotist” / ElectroNoob, and we’re working on this thing together 🙂

You can find me on or #botb, although I expect I will stop being on there shortly, although I don’t know why (could it be.. a job? nahh, this guy still doesn’t work for money).

Great news today!! I found Blargg’s APU in a stand-alone format, complete with an SDL example program featuring tempo control, individual channel mute, and stop/play.


More to come!!

Follow my github :






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