New Feature to SNES Tracker — Absolute Pitch

It will probably be the case that most SNES SPC samples will not be tuned to C-4, the base pitch for all relative intervals on a tracker. This doesn’t aid in knowing the true pitch of the sample. It would be nice if the tracker had a capability to go into “True Pitch” mode, where the note entry fields reflected the true pitch of the sounds rather than their “relative-to-base” pitch.

I suppose in order to do this, the tracker would have to be able to play the sample and determine its true pitch. Surely, some samples (not likely) may transcend the pitch characteristic (like the sound of a crowd we don’t care about its pitch if we are transcribing music), so maybe it would be best to allow the listener to hear a sample at its bass pitch, and then ask “should I try to discover the base pitch for this sample?”


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