Another productive IRC sesh

[15:06] <electronoob> bazz: roar
[15:06] <[^_^]> so go there
[15:06] <Luaks> !entry frunk i am
[15:06] <BotB> Lukas Eriksson – frunk i am.nsf ::
[15:06] <magdev> im not good enough for modulez tho
[15:06] <bazz> yay it’s electronoob
[15:06] <[^_^]> magdev, yes you are
[15:06] <bazz> !ohb
[15:06] <BotB> We ALL love OHBs, but none is currently runningz :)))))))
[15:06] <malmen> magdev: its all about having fun
[15:06] <[^_^]> ye
[15:06] <malmen> not about “how good people are” :/
[15:06] <magdev> B)
[15:06] <bazz> electronoob, I’ve been real busy with SNES Tracker 😀
[15:06] <malmen> i don’t pixel because im shitty to the point its not even fun, tho 😀
[15:06] <magdev> ok
[15:06] <electronoob> ohhh nice
[15:06] <electronoob> feel free to update me on your journeyness
[15:06] <bazz> yeah it’s all I’ve done since I’ve woken up 😀
[15:06] <electronoob> that is cool!
[15:07] <electronoob> !ohb can haz
[15:07] <bazz> Well, as you remember, I got a SNES demo on the repo where a sample and SPC program are loaded into the SPC700 to play the sample..
[15:07] <Luaks> so are we noohcing
[15:08] <bazz> Last night, I learned about Blargg’s APU API and the SPC file format.
[15:08] <bazz> This morning, I wrote a tool to automatically take a compiled SPC program and sample, convert them into an SPC file to be loaded into the APU emulator
[15:08] <bazz> So now, I have an SDL application that is playing the sample from inside the APU emulator
[15:09] <bazz> Also, the application written to export the SPC program / and sample is completely dynamic.. You provide it the proper parameteres, nothing is hard coded, so it will likely be a useful tool in exporting SPC from the tracker later
[15:10] <bazz> Of course it will have to evolve to that point. Right now it just takes a single sample
[15:10] <malmen> i’m listening to jpop 😐
[15:10] <Jimmyoshi> bazz you should add an “instrument kit” feature for SNES tracker
[15:10] <Mari-tan> malmen 🙂
[15:10] <malmen> this group is too damn good
[15:10] <BotB> Title: Perfume – Love the World , Uploaded by: TVXQkristy , Views: xa0732
[15:10] <Jimmyoshi> like, being able to specify different samples depending on pitch
[15:10] <electronoob> thats slick bro 😀 😀
[15:10] <electronoob> very very very cool progress
[15:10] <Jimmyoshi> I think it’d be useful for drumkits and stuff
[15:11] * golgi is now known as oops_i_have_to_go_lol
[15:11] <Luaks> cool boy
[15:11] <bazz> I also recorded a video explaining how to convert WAV to BRR with BRRTools .. and I made a point about samples having to be in 32KHZ and a couple ways of doing that manually from Audacity or automatically from BRR Tools
[15:12] <gyms> malmen omg i love perfume…and moreso the producer nakata~~
[15:12] <malmen> gyms: yeah wtf the productions are pure brilliance
[15:12] <gyms> this song in particular yes
[15:12] <bazz> I screen captured my entire adventure learning Blargg’s APU and creating the program to export SPC … It’s a LONGGG video lol too long, but I will keep putting these videos up on the channel
[15:12] <gyms> have you explored more of what nakata has done?
[15:12] <malmen> not that i understand a thing of what they’re singing but its still great
[15:12] <malmen> gyms: no! link me up! 😀
[15:13] <electronoob> yeah its the right thing to do bazz i think
[15:13] <bazz> Jimmyoshi, totally
[15:13] <electronoob> later down the line people will appreciate it
[15:14] <electronoob> i will certainly have a look
[15:14] <bazz> cool mate
[15:14] <gyms> malmen
[15:14] <BotB> Title: MEG – PRECIOUS (dance clip) , Uploaded by: omoaya2 , Views: xa0613
[15:14] <malmen> listenin
[15:14] <bazz> I established several vectors into the future for where to go from here
[15:14] <gyms> gahh this tunes gives me the chills i loveee it
[15:15] <bazz> one of the most important ones is to study SNESMod, which has a pattern playback / effects engine in SPC700 .. It will probably be incredibly useful
[15:15] <malmen> im loving the chord progressions and the details and the overall arrangement 😀
[15:15] <BotB> FRESH n00b :: kirusekf
[15:15] <gyms> yea the progressions are lovely ~o~
[15:15] <malmen> is this what you listen to while at the gym
[15:16] <bazz> My most important concern is learning how to synchronize the video tracker display when the song is played with the APU emulation.. I dunno how to use the Blargg API to do that yet, so that I can sync the notes display on tracker UI
[15:16] <gyms> haha if i went to the gym it would be
[15:16] <malmen> oooh the part at 01:48
[15:16] <gyms> (gyms doesn’t go to the gym, i’m a fraud ;____;)
[15:16] <malmen> ;_;
[15:16] <malmen> its ok
[15:16] <malmen> you have good music taste!
[15:17] <malmen> somehow i recognise myself in some of the progressions
[15:17] <bazz> electronoob, come to me looking for answers if you don’t know where to go from here in your travels with me and SNES Tracker
[15:17] <gyms> yah it resonates with me quite strongly
[15:17] <gyms> it’s masterful control of momentum too
[15:17] <electronoob> yushems will do
[15:17] <malmen> yes
[15:17] <gyms> very good pop music
[15:17] <malmen> i should listen to this more
[15:18] <malmen> and invoke some jpop style into my fakebit 😀
[15:18] <malmen> if i can ever adapt
[15:18] <gyms> 3:46 good outro :”)
[15:18] <gyms> that synth
[15:18] <malmen> yeah
[15:18] <malmen> that lead
[15:18] <malmen> ❤
[15:18] <gyms> tearjerker
[15:18] <bazz> electronoob, I would like to have an idea what I can expect from you, do know what you will be producing this week? Likely nothing I imagine
[15:18] <gyms> nakata writes the lyrics too
[15:18] <aji> !ohc
[15:18] <BotB> We ALL love OHBs, but none is currently runningz :)))))))
[15:18] <bazz> forgive me,
[15:18] <malmen> capsule is related.. i didn’t really like their music
[15:18] <gyms> he’s like a one man production army
[15:18] <bazz> I’m really excited to make progress
[15:18] <malmen> is that also nakata?
[15:19] <gyms> yah, that’s his baby too
[15:19] <gyms> capsule is hit and miss
[15:19] <malmen> ah ok. i found the style a bit too “hrash”
[15:19] <malmen> its too much “IN YOUR FACE”
[15:19] <gyms> well most of his stuff is hit and miss, but he hits are like HHHIIITTTSSS
[15:19] <malmen> although not badly produced
[15:20] <bazz> electronoob, remmie made a logo :]
[15:20] <gyms> i like this thing
[15:20] <BotB> Title: Hello – capsule , Uploaded by: NekoKyleNya , Views: a0487
[15:20] <gyms> it’s quite harsh and aggressive tho, yea
[15:20] <gyms> i like that sometimes tho
[15:20] <gyms> bootyful harmonies
[15:20] <electronoob> nice logo
[15:20] electronoob ElHuesudoII ellen_page Elrinth
[15:20] <electronoob> yeah possibly nothing
[15:20] <electronoob> but moral support
[15:20] <bazz> I gotta get your name up there electronoob ;]
[15:20] <electronoob> and props
[15:21] <malmen> gyms: heard dj shimamura? maybe a bit too hectic for ya 🙂
[15:21] <BotB> Title: DJ Shimamura – Teleportation (ft. Aikapin) , Uploaded by: DubbleCubeMedia , Views:
[15:21] <gyms> listenin
[15:21] * CuteEwok has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:21] <electronoob> brb need to make a cup of tea bazz
[15:22] <malmen> gyms: i think i like his stuff because i used to listen to alot of hardcore stuff back in the days
[15:23] <gyms> i love when the supersaws come in
[15:23] <gyms> yea i dig it
[15:23] <gyms> love that bass patch
[15:23] <gyms> nakta uses that bass a lot
[15:23] <malmen> haha 😀 awesome
[15:24] <malmen> this intro still gets me tear in my eyes
[15:24] <BotB> Title: Never Let Go (Fracus & Darwin Remix) – RedMoon feat Meron Ryan , Uploaded by: jordesuvi , Views: a0548
[15:24] <malmen> ok im sidetracking too much now haha
[15:24] <gyms> it’s like a minimoog with lowpass filter
[15:24] <gyms> minimoog saw*
[15:24] * lunar has quit ()
[15:25] <bazz> electronoob, have you thought about continuing to develop the Tracker UI? 🙂 [I’m going to make tea too ! ]


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