Ripping BRR Samples

I can see that BRR samples are being played.. How can my app be smart
enough to identify this, when the user clicks/right-clicks to RIP Sample?
First we need to decide to enable the “RIP Sample” button.. What decides that?
If the user clicks on a portion of memory that contains a BRR Sample..
This means he may have clicked anywhere in the midst of the 9-byte Blocks

There can be an (dynamic) array of BRR-END block locations, which for now will just be static [100]..
this array must be accessible by the Spc_Dsp class as well (report.h/cpp is the current best place
for this). When the DSP encounters a BRR End block, it will add it to the array.. the array is
delimited by a zero-entry.

The app thinks, “If I see an area of memory being accessed continuously that includes a BRR END block,
I can go back until either the lowest accessed memory of the same amount of accesses,
or I can go back until the END block before it and add 9.”

But what would be coolest is a “Sample Ripper.”
“I Found 9 Samples”
with a menu to listen to each of them with the ability to play them at different pitches on your keyboard just like the tracker.. In fact, this will probably derive from the same “Sample Editor” interface or share a common component or 2 at the least.


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