[off-topic] We are the cells of the Earth

You know how we have a body… What if we are all a part of a larger body, a difference species [I’m aware this is improper terminology], a body that Earth is a part of. Just like we have cells, we may also be the cells of some greater body.

As I rubbed my tongue against the back of my lower front teeth to get the food unstuck [corn], as I’ve done for years since I had a wire installed there, I thought about the slow corrosive effect mother nature has made on places like the Grand Canyon, and that my tongue may be acting her role on the back of my teeth. Once I had that relation between myself and mother nature, I realized the truth – the Earth is a body, or a part of a body, and we are its cells. In some way, by some zoom level of a magnifying glass [or zoom-out glass], I see it like this. And I recall that starry night in Boston, when I felt my inner infinity, along with the outward infinity outside of me.


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