I’m back!! What’s Next

Hi everyone! — I am back after a long hiatus (6-months?) — and I have a strong desire. Guess what I’ve done!? I’ve added preliminary support to compile:

  • Snes Tracker Debugger (STD) on Linux
  • STD for Windows from Linux

this is preliminary even at a prototype level, so it’s in a state right now where only I can compile it on my machine. —> but since I am the sole developer, that’s just fine! I’ve also:

  • started documenting the library dependencies found in this project.

IRC Community

I’ve started a community on IRC ESPERnet #snestracker. Please come join! I have 4 lovely people hanging out there right now — and we mostly idle until I have a new prototype which I need testers for. So far, the lovely vilxdryad has tested my first Windows compile of STD, which worked!

What’s Next

If you’ve been following my blog posts – you will have seen that before my hiatus, I was eager to overhaul the architecture of SNES Tracker Debugger into a library-agnostic style implementation. Well, as wonderful as that sounds — it’s too large a bubble for me to work with.. I don’t think I would ever finish the project! —> So I made the decision to stay bound at the library level for now…

Right now, that library is SDL — but SDL doesn’t have widgets and that kind of thing … That’s where I’m going to make my own — simply because I’m masochistic and want a really custom look to SNES Tracker. If I were to use QT — designing these widgets would be unnecessary, but I like challenges and I’m going to try to implement all of my own widgets. Besides, I’ve already designed several already!! And I can always change my mind later and replace the current UI with a widget system. (Easier said than done)


So, what’s next, is that I’d like to add the SPC Export feature which I had already started planning in an earlier blog post (link here that will never be). But this new feature has a dependency that I have not yet filled! Text-Edit boxes! Let’s open the discussion on this.

TextEdit Widget

So now begins my journey to creating a Text-Edit widget.. Of course, this widget will be as basic as possible at first, but eventually adding the bells and whistles (text highlighting / delete support, double-click select all, ?)

I’m going to implement this directly, or talk about it in a dedicated blog post. Then I will feel comfortable to start work on SPC Export feature 🙂 (I think)

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