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Another productive IRC sesh

[15:06] <electronoob> bazz: roar
[15:06] <[^_^]> so go there
[15:06] <Luaks> !entry frunk i am
[15:06] <BotB> Lukas Eriksson – frunk i am.nsf ::
[15:06] <magdev> im not good enough for modulez tho
[15:06] <bazz> yay it’s electronoob
[15:06] <[^_^]> magdev, yes you are
[15:06] <bazz> !ohb
[15:06] <BotB> We ALL love OHBs, but none is currently runningz :)))))))
[15:06] <malmen> magdev: its all about having fun
[15:06] <[^_^]> ye
[15:06] <malmen> not about “how good people are” :/
[15:06] <magdev> B)
[15:06] <bazz> electronoob, I’ve been real busy with SNES Tracker 😀
[15:06] <malmen> i don’t pixel because im shitty to the point its not even fun, tho 😀
[15:06] <magdev> ok
[15:06] <electronoob> ohhh nice
[15:06] <electronoob> feel free to update me on your journeyness
[15:06] <bazz> yeah it’s all I’ve done since I’ve woken up 😀
[15:06] <electronoob> that is cool!
[15:07] <electronoob> !ohb can haz
[15:07] <bazz> Well, as you remember, I got a SNES demo on the repo where a sample and SPC program are loaded into the SPC700 to play the sample..
[15:07] <Luaks> so are we noohcing
[15:08] <bazz> Last night, I learned about Blargg’s APU API and the SPC file format.
[15:08] <bazz> This morning, I wrote a tool to automatically take a compiled SPC program and sample, convert them into an SPC file to be loaded into the APU emulator
[15:08] <bazz> So now, I have an SDL application that is playing the sample from inside the APU emulator
[15:09] <bazz> Also, the application written to export the SPC program / and sample is completely dynamic.. You provide it the proper parameteres, nothing is hard coded, so it will likely be a useful tool in exporting SPC from the tracker later
[15:10] <bazz> Of course it will have to evolve to that point. Right now it just takes a single sample
[15:10] <malmen> i’m listening to jpop 😐
[15:10] <Jimmyoshi> bazz you should add an “instrument kit” feature for SNES tracker
[15:10] <Mari-tan> malmen 🙂
[15:10] <malmen> this group is too damn good
[15:10] <BotB> Title: Perfume – Love the World , Uploaded by: TVXQkristy , Views: xa0732
[15:10] <Jimmyoshi> like, being able to specify different samples depending on pitch
[15:10] <electronoob> thats slick bro 😀 😀
[15:10] <electronoob> very very very cool progress
[15:10] <Jimmyoshi> I think it’d be useful for drumkits and stuff
[15:11] * golgi is now known as oops_i_have_to_go_lol
[15:11] <Luaks> cool boy
[15:11] <bazz> I also recorded a video explaining how to convert WAV to BRR with BRRTools .. and I made a point about samples having to be in 32KHZ and a couple ways of doing that manually from Audacity or automatically from BRR Tools
[15:12] <gyms> malmen omg i love perfume…and moreso the producer nakata~~
[15:12] <malmen> gyms: yeah wtf the productions are pure brilliance
[15:12] <gyms> this song in particular yes
[15:12] <bazz> I screen captured my entire adventure learning Blargg’s APU and creating the program to export SPC … It’s a LONGGG video lol too long, but I will keep putting these videos up on the channel
[15:12] <gyms> have you explored more of what nakata has done?
[15:12] <malmen> not that i understand a thing of what they’re singing but its still great
[15:12] <malmen> gyms: no! link me up! 😀
[15:13] <electronoob> yeah its the right thing to do bazz i think
[15:13] <bazz> Jimmyoshi, totally
[15:13] <electronoob> later down the line people will appreciate it
[15:14] <electronoob> i will certainly have a look
[15:14] <bazz> cool mate
[15:14] <gyms> malmen
[15:14] <BotB> Title: MEG – PRECIOUS (dance clip) , Uploaded by: omoaya2 , Views: xa0613
[15:14] <malmen> listenin
[15:14] <bazz> I established several vectors into the future for where to go from here
[15:14] <gyms> gahh this tunes gives me the chills i loveee it
[15:15] <bazz> one of the most important ones is to study SNESMod, which has a pattern playback / effects engine in SPC700 .. It will probably be incredibly useful
[15:15] <malmen> im loving the chord progressions and the details and the overall arrangement 😀
[15:15] <BotB> FRESH n00b :: kirusekf
[15:15] <gyms> yea the progressions are lovely ~o~
[15:15] <malmen> is this what you listen to while at the gym
[15:16] <bazz> My most important concern is learning how to synchronize the video tracker display when the song is played with the APU emulation.. I dunno how to use the Blargg API to do that yet, so that I can sync the notes display on tracker UI
[15:16] <gyms> haha if i went to the gym it would be
[15:16] <malmen> oooh the part at 01:48
[15:16] <gyms> (gyms doesn’t go to the gym, i’m a fraud ;____;)
[15:16] <malmen> ;_;
[15:16] <malmen> its ok
[15:16] <malmen> you have good music taste!
[15:17] <malmen> somehow i recognise myself in some of the progressions
[15:17] <bazz> electronoob, come to me looking for answers if you don’t know where to go from here in your travels with me and SNES Tracker
[15:17] <gyms> yah it resonates with me quite strongly
[15:17] <gyms> it’s masterful control of momentum too
[15:17] <electronoob> yushems will do
[15:17] <malmen> yes
[15:17] <gyms> very good pop music
[15:17] <malmen> i should listen to this more
[15:18] <malmen> and invoke some jpop style into my fakebit 😀
[15:18] <malmen> if i can ever adapt
[15:18] <gyms> 3:46 good outro :”)
[15:18] <gyms> that synth
[15:18] <malmen> yeah
[15:18] <malmen> that lead
[15:18] <malmen> ❤
[15:18] <gyms> tearjerker
[15:18] <bazz> electronoob, I would like to have an idea what I can expect from you, do know what you will be producing this week? Likely nothing I imagine
[15:18] <gyms> nakata writes the lyrics too
[15:18] <aji> !ohc
[15:18] <BotB> We ALL love OHBs, but none is currently runningz :)))))))
[15:18] <bazz> forgive me,
[15:18] <malmen> capsule is related.. i didn’t really like their music
[15:18] <gyms> he’s like a one man production army
[15:18] <bazz> I’m really excited to make progress
[15:18] <malmen> is that also nakata?
[15:19] <gyms> yah, that’s his baby too
[15:19] <gyms> capsule is hit and miss
[15:19] <malmen> ah ok. i found the style a bit too “hrash”
[15:19] <malmen> its too much “IN YOUR FACE”
[15:19] <gyms> well most of his stuff is hit and miss, but he hits are like HHHIIITTTSSS
[15:19] <malmen> although not badly produced
[15:20] <bazz> electronoob, remmie made a logo :]
[15:20] <gyms> i like this thing
[15:20] <BotB> Title: Hello – capsule , Uploaded by: NekoKyleNya , Views: a0487
[15:20] <gyms> it’s quite harsh and aggressive tho, yea
[15:20] <gyms> i like that sometimes tho
[15:20] <gyms> bootyful harmonies
[15:20] <electronoob> nice logo
[15:20] electronoob ElHuesudoII ellen_page Elrinth
[15:20] <electronoob> yeah possibly nothing
[15:20] <electronoob> but moral support
[15:20] <bazz> I gotta get your name up there electronoob ;]
[15:20] <electronoob> and props
[15:21] <malmen> gyms: heard dj shimamura? maybe a bit too hectic for ya 🙂
[15:21] <BotB> Title: DJ Shimamura – Teleportation (ft. Aikapin) , Uploaded by: DubbleCubeMedia , Views:
[15:21] <gyms> listenin
[15:21] * CuteEwok has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:21] <electronoob> brb need to make a cup of tea bazz
[15:22] <malmen> gyms: i think i like his stuff because i used to listen to alot of hardcore stuff back in the days
[15:23] <gyms> i love when the supersaws come in
[15:23] <gyms> yea i dig it
[15:23] <gyms> love that bass patch
[15:23] <gyms> nakta uses that bass a lot
[15:23] <malmen> haha 😀 awesome
[15:24] <malmen> this intro still gets me tear in my eyes
[15:24] <BotB> Title: Never Let Go (Fracus & Darwin Remix) – RedMoon feat Meron Ryan , Uploaded by: jordesuvi , Views: a0548
[15:24] <malmen> ok im sidetracking too much now haha
[15:24] <gyms> it’s like a minimoog with lowpass filter
[15:24] <gyms> minimoog saw*
[15:24] * lunar has quit ()
[15:25] <bazz> electronoob, have you thought about continuing to develop the Tracker UI? 🙂 [I’m going to make tea too ! ]


Productive IRC Sesh

<electronoob> bazz, np m8
[21:50] * kinkinkijkin has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:50] <bazz> Merit_Celaire, it’s been a dream of mine for years
[21:51] <bazz>
[21:51] <Merit_Celaire> I know some have prevailed at creating utilities that extract samples from SNES games.
[21:51] * ^Daverd has quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[21:51] <Merit_Celaire> And I’ve been doing SNES-music style arrangements using them using ModPlug Tracker.
[21:52] <Merit_Celaire> after importing the samples in.
[21:52] <Jimmyoshi> bazz there’s still going to be a piano-roll mode right? 😛
[21:52] <Merit_Celaire> Jimmyoshi, you’re STILL into that “piano-roll” mode thing, huh? 😛
[21:53] <bazz> I don’t see why not — electronoob is heading the GUI development right now, and as far as I’m concerned, those 2 “front-ends” could plug into the same “backend”
[21:53] <bazz> by 2 I mean the traditional tracker interface, and piano roll style
[21:53] <Jimmyoshi> everyone in the chiptune community has a hard-on for trackers, but no one seems to appreciate piano roll 😛
[21:53] <Jimmyoshi> it would be nice to see it get some love…
[21:53] <Merit_Celaire> And bazz – don’t you mean C-5?
[21:54] <bazz> C-5?
[21:54] <Merit_Celaire> Because when I received the tip on getting samples from the SNES games themselves and importing them onto ModPlug Tracker, I was under the impression to make sure that they’re tuned to “C-5”.
[21:54] <bazz> you’re the 2nd person to mention it, I always thought it was C-4 oh brother… At this point I think it’s really A-440 lol
[21:54] <Merit_Celaire> after importing.
[21:54] <bazz> I’m sorry I don’t remember
[21:55] <bazz> I’ll be learning more about it in the coming months, I give u the precise answer, but you seem to know it
[21:57] <bazz> forgive me, but I have a more universal understanding of it, beyond note values at this point
[21:57] <bazz> so check this out
[21:58] <bazz> the DSP pitch registers, when written $1000, play the sample at it’s recorded pitch
[21:58] <bazz> using that knowledge, and with a formula to derive pitch, I created an “88-key” SNES pitch entry table.
[21:58] <remmie> that’s a lot of money
[21:58] <remmie> </sarcasm>
[21:59] <bazz> haha
[21:59] <bazz>
[21:59] <Jimmyoshi> lol
[21:59] <remmie> bazz, is that a check or debit?
[21:59] <bazz> So, really, there’s no “C-4” .. it’s more like intervals from the pre-recorded pitch
[22:00] <remmie> is there extensive docs on this or are you re-ing it ?
[22:00] <Jimmyoshi> the pitch value of a particular note would vary depending on the tuning of a sample though wouldn’t it?
[22:00] <bazz> C-4 ends up being a relative thing if anything. I can see how I could piss off some people by not using C-5 because they’re “used to it” .. but IDK what i’ll do.. I’m resonating with C-4
[22:01] <bazz> Jimmyoshi, precisely..
[22:01] <bazz> and this is why I want to add a “true” pitch mode to the tracker, by using pitch detection algorithms (FFT) and user permission (to avoid trying to detect pitch of weird samples)
[22:02] <Jimmyoshi> oooh
[22:02] <Jimmyoshi> so it’ll have a sample tuning feature basically?
[22:02] <bazz> depends on how you look at it.. if anything I would call it a true note displayer
[22:03] <Jimmyoshi> I thought of a way you could auto-detect the pitch of a sample by using the length of the “looped” portion, and using that to determine frequency
[22:03] <bazz> not affecting the sample settings just displaying the true note pitches
[22:03] <Jimmyoshi> problem is though that might not work in 100% of cases
[22:03] * Blaziken|420 ( has joined #botb
[22:03] <Jimmyoshi> like it might be off by a harmonic or so
[22:03] <bazz> please write your ideas in a more ever-lasting place
[22:03] <Jimmyoshi> since some samples loop multiple times
[22:04] <bazz> anyways I think you’re right about c-5.. I want to try out myself.. I get kind of lost in the different sample adjustments in a tracker that I forget what settings will play the “true pitch” …
[22:04] <bazz> like, I expect the true pitch to play at c-4.. but you say it’s c-5??
[22:05] <bazz> the funny thing is.. with sample adjustments.. we can easily make both things possible
[22:05] <bazz> which blurs the line
[22:05] * Beard has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:08] <bazz> I was right, well to be honest, it may be tracker-specific.. In Milky Tracker C-4 equals Sample’s recorded pitch
[22:09] <Merit_Celaire> Just as long as the pitch is in “C”.
[22:09] <Merit_Celaire> because when the sample is extracted, unless by a rare occurence, it’s in a key OTHER thank C.
[22:10] <Merit_Celaire> except for “percussion instruments/drumset instruments”.
[22:10] <bazz> And I agree with that totally, as C-4 is considered “Middle C” — it gives you a good range down and up beside it… But honestly, it makes more sense to use C-5 for SNES, since the SNES can only produce a max of 2 octaves up from the sample’s recorded pitch
[22:10] <bazz> but it can produce many more in the downward direction
[22:10] <bazz> with reduced accuracy
[22:10] <bazz> “scale-accuracy”
[22:11] <bazz> I’m sure it everything will be fine.. Just like any other tracker there will likely be sample editor where you can align the pitch to your liking
[22:13] <bazz> Jimmyoshi, I’m going to take my advice and try to take this information to my blog as a more everlasting place

[22:14] Jimmyoshi oh, alright

[22:15] Merit_Celaire Will this tracker import both .WAV and .BRR sample files?

[22:15] Merit_Celaire Because before someone was able to “extract” samples will keeping it as .BRR, someone else was able to “extract” the samples and save them as .WAV (after converting it to an .IT tracker file and playing it in ModPlug Tracker).

[22:17] Jimmyoshi I would assume it’d have WAV support too

[22:18] * Savestate has quit (Ping timeout: 189 seconds)

[22:18] Merit_Celaire *while keeping it as .BRR

[22:18] Merit_Celaire Here’s the thing: the person who was able to create the application and save the samples as .WAV, they managed to keep the “loop data” for the samples, it any.

[22:19] bazz I honestly have no idea, I haven’t gotten that far yet. Don’t take it too seriously yet, I’m just trying to learn how to use Blargg’s APU and load the APU with a hand-crafted SPC programmatically

[22:19] Jimmyoshi I think it would be cool if you could import wav samples while keeping their loop points intact, regardless of the “multiple of 16” loop limit

[22:20] Jimmyoshi I think there’s a program that can do that already, but it involves re-looping the sample a bunch of times until the loop point reaches a multiple of 16, which isn’t particularly optimal

[22:20] bazz it will obviously load BRR samples, not sure about WAV yet. haven’t looked into it.. There will of course need to be Bregalad’s BRRTools at least, and a check to see if the WAV is too big.. A standard sample size should be determined from many brr samples that are from games out there, so that if the result is big but will fit, the user can be warned that he may be wasting precious RAM

[22:21] Merit_Celaire All right, everyone; I have to go – gotta get some food and refill my minutes for my wireless internet at home (I’m at my local wireless hotspot taking care of stuff here). I’ll see you on the other side.

[22:21] bazz The loop point / WAV stuff is interesting, but I’m just not ready to focus on that. I just want to play a sample from SDL in Blargg’s APU

[22:22] jeca-jeca mrsbrisby had some reluctancy workin with em in schism too


I purchased domain. That will become the new central hub as soon as a website is developed for it. For now I’ll just put some simple links up there to the youtube channel and to this wordpress.

I also created a snes program that plays a sample. I perfected some the transfer routine to get data to the SPC, which I detailed in a video yet to be uploaded (needs to be cut).

Today, I plan on learning more about Blargg’s APU so that I can inject my SPC code directly into APU and run it / play sample from an SDL

But I didn’t. God DamniT!! I decided to fuck around instead.

New Feature to SNES Tracker — Absolute Pitch

It will probably be the case that most SNES SPC samples will not be tuned to C-4, the base pitch for all relative intervals on a tracker. This doesn’t aid in knowing the true pitch of the sample. It would be nice if the tracker had a capability to go into “True Pitch” mode, where the note entry fields reflected the true pitch of the sounds rather than their “relative-to-base” pitch.

I suppose in order to do this, the tracker would have to be able to play the sample and determine its true pitch. Surely, some samples (not likely) may transcend the pitch characteristic (like the sound of a crowd we don’t care about its pitch if we are transcribing music), so maybe it would be best to allow the listener to hear a sample at its bass pitch, and then ask “should I try to discover the base pitch for this sample?”

Knock Knock…

I’m not dead yet.. “I get knocked down.. but I get up again.. yaint ever gonna keep me down!  ” Sing it!! ❤ I’m still here everyone, working on a SNES Tracker. My desire to complete this effort dates back to ~ 1 year ago somewhere on NesDev forums. I tried to build the freaking thing last year, and failed :[ but I’m back on it!! With the advent of SnesGSS, I became more determined to build my own aspiration of SNES Tracker!! Namely, I want my tracker to be platform-independent! I have also found a best friend, “Hypnotist” / ElectroNoob, and we’re working on this thing together 🙂

You can find me on or #botb, although I expect I will stop being on there shortly, although I don’t know why (could it be.. a job? nahh, this guy still doesn’t work for money).

Great news today!! I found Blargg’s APU in a stand-alone format, complete with an SDL example program featuring tempo control, individual channel mute, and stop/play.


More to come!!

Follow my github :